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Workoutwithtrey is your 24/7 Personal Trainer for all your Fitness concerns. SFC Stokes, Trey US Army.

Using the contact form below we can begin this journey of fitness and discovery together.  Our Goal is simple;  to strengthen our communities.  Together we will eliminate so many disease processes like obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease.   This will be accomplished by developing a researched based approach to fitness, a system that will be utilized by anyone and incorporated into their everyday lives.  Workoutwithtrey  will be a system that provides information, seminars, videos and books in order to help our communities develop a fundamental ideology centered around fitness.  As a Soldier in the US Army I understand the importance of health and fitness and how the lives of busy adults both in and out of the military may prohibit the goal of achieving your desired fitness levels.

So many so called experts with blogs suggests confusing new ways to approach the subject of health but we are developing a system “workoutwithtrey” where all individuals from all walks of life will have access to the industries most current fitness information. We will become your 24/7 online personal trainers. So please “come workout with trey”. I have completed two Masters and working on my Doctoral so my ideas are based upon research based materials and ideologies. From the die hard gym rat to the stay at home mom we will bring an easily understood tailored program to all.

We will create fitness programs for every individual regardless of fitness level, and stick with them through their journey to help them accomplish all their fitness goals.
Using research based fitness approach we will develop a unique and highly effective program for you. A program that not only works but is backed by science and hard evidence

We are on the verge of creating a system that will be brought into the school, the living rooms and communities of the American people there by reinventing our physical selves with aims to eliminate many fitness related health issues.

Our system will be friendly enough to be used by that stay at home parent or as rigorous as the strongest athlete because it will be personally tailored to fit the individual needs and get away from the cookie cutter approach.

We are developing a series of at home videos that can be utilized in the privacy of your own homes or shared with larger workout groups.
Workoutwithtrey is not just another workout program its a system that will perform public seminars, create at home videos, publish books based upon the science of health and fitness.

We are steadfast in our beliefs that by creating a new health and fitness educational system we will get rid of a lot of health issues afflicting all our communities. Instead of the so called “bro science” as it pertains to fitness we will bring everyone evidence based researched ideologies to the art of health and fitness.

Whether your a gym pro or a stay at home parent we will tailor programs designed for you. As a Soldier in the Army fitness is essential and a group of Veterans have developed a concept based upon true and tried fitness solutions.

We will develop a comprehensive website offering free fitness advice never to take the place of your health care providers. We will conduct seminars to inspire as well as community involved projects. Our development will take us into direct to you videos that truly work a video series to guide you through any journey. We will produce a series of books that make sense not some Internet blogger simply reiterating something he heard but research based practices designed for all walks of life. We are developing an ideology so please “come work out with me”

Initial Assessment. This assessment is a detailed email outlining your desired goals this dialogue will help Trey understand your primary objectives, and to review your personal health history.  Send Trey an e-mail by selecting the “contact us” link below and your fitness journey will begin.  Its that easy. Or I can be reached on facebook at workoutwithtrey.com on twitter  @workoutwithtrey

  • Your personal Nutrition Plan. What to eat? How much? Trey takes the guesswork out of mealtime by creating a customized nutrition plan for you, based on your unique body chemistry and fitness goals. Trey makes it easy to eat performance foods that are metabolically correct for you, and to maintain the correct ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats.
  • No Matter Where you live you can benefit from the life changing expertise of your very own Personal Trainer.
  • I will post weekly workouts with visual examples on this website, and also address those health concerns as it relates to both Men, and Women. Never Perform any exercise routine unless you are healthy enough to engage in a regular workout regimen, and after you have been cleared by a medical professional. Workout with Trey was created by an Army Soldier who understands the hectic nature of the busy professional.  Whether you’re in the Military or that stay at home parent this site is an easy resource for those Fitness questions that we all have from time to time.
  • Never Perform any exercise routine unless you are healthy enough to engage in a regular workout regimen, and after you have been cleared by a medical professional.

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  1. anita says:

    I love your website! It’s highly informative and very helpful! Nice job!

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